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Spirulina Capsules Manufacturer In Tamil Nadu, India

Spirulina Capsules Manufacturer

Spirulina is a simple microscopic freshwater (alkaline) blue-green algae that contains an amazing amount of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, carbohydrates, beta-carotene, phycocyanin dye, etc., which are very important for our organism. body function and good health. due to the presence of a large amount of nutrients in ancient times, it was consumed as a food.

Our spirulina is grown in large fresh water tanks with the utmost care throughout the day, providing the necessary alkalinity for good algae growth. The growing medium is well tested for contamination by other species, dirt and dust, and from nature. Harvesting takes place every day early in the morning, the biomass is washed, well dried, packed, professionally stored and then sold.

Spirulina Tablets Benefits

being a supplier of spirulina products, we can make you aware about the benefits of our products such as it contains protein: fifty-five-seventy %: completely digestive protein in jesurlina is very high compared to other high protein foods such as eggs, milk powder, chicken, fish, wheat. therefore, it is recommended as a food supplement for those who eat less food and vegetables. it helps athletes and body builders and improves the condition of older people with poor appetite and poor absorption of nutrients in the body. recommended dosage:
One to two capsules. three times a day. based on the above, who recommends spirulina (jesurlina) as the best food supplement.

Who can take Jesrulina

  • Older people with poor appetite and poor absorption of food and nutrients in the body.
  • People with high cholesterol levels.
  • People with diabetes.
  • Pregnant and nursing women who need additional food and nutrients.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders who require high levels of protein.
  • People with anemia who need to increase their hemoglobin levels in their blood.
  • For people who have had an illness, restore their former health.
  • People who want to lose weight and follow a diet to reduce excess fat.
  • People who are busy and pay little attention to their diet.
  • Jesurlina is the right food supplement to improve overall health and strengthen the immune system.